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Every item is a donation towards a beloved cause. 

Our Mission & Purpose

Our goal at Empathy Mart is to make donating your high end and gently used clothes, shoes, and jewelry easy and more rewarding. At Empathy Mart, you are able to choose which charity you would like the proceeds of your donated items to go to. We have compiled a list of vetted charities that meet three main criteria. 1. Over 75% of their profits go to the relief cause that they claim to assist. 2. They do not exclude people from their relief funds on a basis of race, sexuality, gender, or religion. 3. They are registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.When your item is accepted, we will send you the paid-for and pre-addressed shipping packaging that you will need to send your to our headquarters. After we have posted you donation for sale, you can share the listing on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest to help advertise your donation item and to show your support for your favorite charity. Once sold, you will receive a donation receipt in your email. We appreciate your participation and support! Lets raise funds for some amazing causes together!

The Process & How You Can Help

Step One:

Pick an Item to Donate

Take two photos of your donation and write a small description for our shoppers. Send this information to us by clicking the tab: "Donate an Item."

Step Two:

Choose Your Charity

Choose from our long list of vetted charities. No matter which one you pick, rest assured that your money will go to a great cause. 

Step Three:

Follow Shipping Instructions

When your donation has been accepted, you will receive a shipping packet by mail. Just put the donation in the shipping parcel provided, and drop it off at a local post office. 

Thank you for shopping with us!

Together we can make a difference.

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