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Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of the money gained from my donation will go to the charity I chose?

The Charity you chose to benefit from your donation will receive 75% of the profit from the sale. The remaining 20% of this money will go to the operations and administrative costs of Empathy Mart. We, like all businesses have “costs of doing business”. These include but are not limited to: website subscription, web design help, accounting help, legal help, and the salaries of our employees.

Will Empathy Mart ship internationally?

For the time being, Empathy Mart does not ship to international costumers. This is because the refund period and the shipping time can make it where costumers are stuck with a product they can not use because shipping time might exceed their refund period. This is also because shipping internationally is more costly. Possibly through expansion and increased traffic to the Empathy Mart site, we will expand to international sales and donation collections.

After you purchase a product, you will have 20 days to return the item for a full refund (not including the price of shipping). You must have acceptable reason for making the return i.e. the item was not described/represented correctly, there is more wear and tear on an item than depicted, errors in shipping/donor does not ship item, or the sizing of an item was inaccurate. After this 20 day period, the money from the sale will be sent to the charity that the donor chooses and there will be no possibility of a refund, so please be timely with such matters.

Can I return an item for a refund?

How can I post my donations to social media?

After your donation item has been accepted and posted, you will receive an email prompting you to share your donation on social media to promote the sale of the item and to promote the charity that you support. Showing your love of a charitable organization to friends and family can greatly increase the amount of support that organization receives! If you do not wish to share your donation on social media when you receive the email, you can always share the item listing from the Empathy Mart website by clicking on the listing and then on one of the social media icons found on the item description page.

How can I suggest a charity to add to the list?

If there is an organization that you support but have not seen as an option on Empathy Mart’s vetted charities list, you can send us a request to consider adding the organization. You can complete this request by emailing us at, or by using the “Donate an Item” section on our website. After we look into the organization, you will receive an email either stating that the organization has been added, or an explanation as to why the organization was not accepted. All charities need to pass the 3 criteria off which we base our list. 1. They are 501(c)(3) organizations, 2. They have a program expense percentage of at least 75%, and 3. They do not reject people from their relief services on a basis of gender, race, sexuality, or religion. Although unlikely, if the charity you have suggested meets these three criteria but is still rejected, we will provide an explanation for this rejection.

Does Empathy Mart have an independent third party formally evaluate their efforts with some regularity and make those results publicly available?  Do they explain what they learned from the evaluation and what, if anything, they are changing as a result?

Once every three years, Empathy Mart will employ an independent third party to provide an evaluation of the organization. These evaluations will be made public on the Empathy Mart website through the ”About Us” tab. Following these evaluation Empathy Mart will post an article about how we interpreted the criticisms and how we will go about improving our service for our donors, consumers, and charities.

How can I leave feedback?

Empathy Mart is very willing to hear any comments or concerns that any of our constituents may have. You can reach a staff member through the email “”, by calling (404)808-8121, or by using the “Donate an Item” tab. We look forward to any feedback that can help improve our services.

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